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“The Big Picture” - Griffith Observatory | Los Angeles

The centerpiece of the Griffith Observatory's $93 million renovation, "The Big Picture" consists of 114 - 4 foot by 6 foot 8 inch porcelain enamel panels that create a 152 foot by 20 foot panorama of deep space. The 3,040 square foot image was taken at the Palomar Observatory and is the largest ever created of deep space, containing over 1.5 million stars, galaxies and space objects.

Each panel was inspected by an expert astronomer for the highest level of image quality and color accuracy to ensure that the image is astronomically accurate.

Disneyland Parks

Signs and backers produced for installation in various Disney parks around the world.

Amongst a number of noteworthy projects, Winsor Fireform produced the Carsland maps and warning signs around the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ride at Disneyland.

We also produced the porcelain enamel logos and custom shaped aluminum backers as well as the coat of arms panels and mounting systems placed around the Matterhorn in Disneyland. The aluminum backers were noteworthy as they were machined out of aircraft grade aluminum to conform to the compound curve of the new cars and recess the porcelain enamel panels into the aluminum bringing to mind logos on luxury cars.

Philadelphia Transit

Philadelphia Transit : Complex project with numerous custom, vibrant colors and intricate panels in varying sizes. Extensive installation throughout the city of Philadelphia. One of several major transit projects that Winsor Fireform has completed throughout the years.

Yale | College Campus

College and building identification signs, maps, and directionals are manufactured with custom colors to match the college’s logo colors. One of numerous campus wayfinding projects that Winsor Fireform has completed. 

Port of Miami Tunnel

Port of Miami Tunnel | Public Art | Large-Scale Mural

USS Arizona | World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument

Winsor Fireform has completed several projects for the National Parks Service in a broad range of locations. Collectively, theses signs have been viewed by millions of visitors and upheld the highest durability to withstand the wear-and-tear of extreme climate conditions.



Winsor Fireform is dedicated to producing the world’s finest high-resolution porcelain enamel graphics and signage. We are the industry leader in quality, innovation, and skill in porcelain enamel imaging.



You can use porcelain enamel for virtually every project imaginable from interpretive signage to public art murals. In addition to our skill with more traditional forms of signage, Winsor Fireform is extremely skilled at utelizing porcelain enamel in unusual and innovative ways such as imaging on curved or 3D surfaces. Please check out our galleries to see a sampling of our previously completed projects for ideas. We also have a project map that shows locations of a sampling of installations with our products, some of which may be in your area.



Winsor Fireform produces monument quality signage and photographic images in porcelain enamel on a steel substrate. We have the largest porcelain enamel color library in the world at over 17,000 unique colors (including metallics) which we can use to match to your desired color, or we have an in-house color lab that can custom formulate a color to suit your needs. In addition to our remarkable color library, we also can offer a variety of finishes from matte to gloss, to crackle.



Winsor Fireform is world-renowned as the best in the business at producing the highest quality porcelain enamel signage. We currently have exhibits in many diverse locations such as Everglades National Park, Hong Kong, the Serengeti National Park in Africa, Guam, The White House, NFL Headquarters, Disney Parks, Death Valley National Park, Citi Field | NY Mets Stadium, Yankee Stadium, and many other well-known locations.



Winsor Fireform porcelain enamel is one of the most durable signage materials in the world. Whereas some other materials, such as phoenilic resin or high-pressure laminate panels, quickly fade and/or delaminate in outdoor installations, Winsor Fireform warranties all of our porcelain enamel signage against fade for 25 years, even in outdoor installations with intense weathering environments such as the Serengeti, Death Valley National Park and Guam. Porcelain enamel is extremely graffiti resistant; it is difficult to scratch and paint or marker can be removed easily with a little Windex or acetone. Porcelain enamel is also fire resistant, in fact, we have had panels installed in parks that have survived forest fires with little to no damage (see article).



Winsor Fireform, first invented the photographic porcelain enamel process over 30 years ago and we have been in business continuously since then. Not only did we invent the photographic porcelain enamel process, but we also continue to create new processes and innovations. One example of our innovative spirit is our newest product, Fireform Graphic Tile. We developed the ability to apply our high-quality porcelain enamel imaging methods to substrates of porcelain, ceramic and glass tile. Previous to this development, the only substrate available was steel.



With a color library of over 17,000 custom formulated colors, including metallic colors, Winsor Fireform has the largest porcelain enamel color library in the world. We have an in-house color lab with color chemists who custom-formulate all required colors to match the customer's color submittals and supplies the customer with color-chips for approval prior to production. In addition to all of our colors, we have also developed various matte and gloss finishes.

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